Leverage: The Lost Heir Job [summer finale]

Jeri Ryan(Season 2, Episode 10)

In the opening scene, Ruth’s face make-up was much yellower than her neck and chest. Maybe only noticeable in HD? Regardless, I found it incredibly distracting. Don’t they watch these things back before they go to air?

Jeri Ryan, on the other hand, looked fabulous! Usually I’m all for some new blood to spice up a show’s dynamic, but the moment Ryan stepped out of her car and faced the team, I realized I didn’t want her there. This team works so well together, both as an acting ensemble and as a vigilante crew, that you don’t want to see anyone in there gumming up the works.

And hot as she is, she’s no Sophie Devereaux.

I get that the character arc for Sophie has her removed from the series for a bit (was she pregnant?), but it’s unfortunate that her absence had to run through these final episodes of this summer run. The more you see these cons run without her, the more you realize how essential her smooth grifting is to their success.

That said, it’s still fun when Parker gets pulled into the lying part of the con. “I love the meth.” Riesgraf has crafted one of the most bizarrely unique characters on any television show. I absolutely can not get into her mind.

Peter Blanchard proved himself pretty ruthless, which always makes it better when we get to see them “get theirs” at the end. His attempts to kill Parker just so she couldn’t be presented as a legitimate heir proved his corruption, so it’s all good when he has to go down, right?

A nice twist at the end with Tara Cole revealing that she’s a friend of Sophie’s and has been offered up as her temporary replacement. Again, though, I have to ask why? Why is Sophie unavailable to rejoin the team? And if we grow to like Tara, what happens when Sophie comes back?

Still, clever move and a good cliffhanger to leave us on until the show comes back in January. Oh, Leverage, you’re the most fun on television without breaking … okay, well with breaking lots of laws. But it’s for a good cause, so i forgive you.

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